Nobody can argue that globalization has forever changed the "rules of the game" and certainly quality has also been affected by this change. What used to be subject to be checked or analyzed only by a limited number of customers, nowadays, through sophisticated means, mainly communication means, can very well be subject to simultaneous consideration through out the global village.

Therefore, much attention must be given to quality as customers know what they want and also want what they don't know! So, the sole control of quality is necessary, but totally insufficient to meet the necessities and expectations of this new and very demanding globalized customer. Constant quality assurance and improvement for products and services has become an imperious and safe way for the organizations to step into the new millenium.

Today, not a single customer is willing to pay one cent for any quality problem. To meet the customer expectations, always, is mandatory in all types of activities and not only through supplied goods, but mainly through all the details that follow with the product, starting by the way of selling the benefits attached to a certain product and / or service.

Assured Quality

One of our biggest objectives and also an area of main concern is how to keep the total assurance of quality in our products. In order to do this, Tormep counts on some 2 500 measuring and precise instruments, among which we can mention:

  • Computerized Multi-quota system, with XR chart
  • Mitutoyo Three-dimensional
  • Roughness measuring device
  • Roundtest
  • 50 X Profile projector
  • Gearing measuring devices
  • Marposs Column
  • Magnatest
  • Durometer
  • Microscopes
  • Caliper rules
  • Calibrators

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