Our History

Through the dreams of a youngster who wished to develop a company within a humanitarian philosophy and within the standards that he considered important, in April 20th, 1966 a Company was born: Tormep - Tornearia Mecânica de Precisão Ltda.

At the beginning Tormep use to perform its activities inside a 50 m2 shed, with little resources, but with guts and dedication the company followed through continuous development and this constant growth made it necessary to move to a larger place, a recently built are of 6 000 m2, in Campinas (a city located some 80 miles from São Paulo city) industrial park, where it is presently located.

Nowadays, Tormep works within high quality and technological standards and is one of the largest companies in its field. As a service supplier in the precise machining area, Tormep has the objective of making total quality works, constantly seeking an outstanding position in the market.

Market Sectors:

Tormep, though its products and services, participates in the following market sectors:
  • Automobiles and Auto-parts
  • Electric and electronic
  • Aeronautics / household electrical appliances / others

Tormep - Rua João Batista Pupo de Moraes, nº 622 - CEP 13031-690 - Campinas - SP
Tel.: (19) 3772-3100 - Fax: (19) 3772-3118 - E-mail: info@tormep.com.br